25 Tips in 50 Minutes:

A Guide to the Hannon Library





1) Hannon Library Hours

·       http://www.sou.edu/library/about/hours.html - complete schedule

·       Regular Hours

o      Mon. – Thurs.               7:45 a.m.    11:00 p.m.

o      Friday                           7:45 a.m.       5:00 p.m.

o      Saturday                     10:00 a.m.       5:00 p.m.

o      Sunday                         1:00 p.m.    – 11:00 p.m.


2) Information Technology Center (ITC)

·       The ITC is a campus computer lab for students, faculty, and staff.

·       Located on the First Floor of the Library

·       Help Desk – 552-6842.

·       Includes the 30 PCs, two scanners, two laser printers, a color printer, the Electronic Classroom—Lib.114, three group workstations, three computers with headphones to use for foreign language study.


3) Wi-Fi Access

·       Hannon Library has wireless capability throughout and just outside the building.

·       Use your own wireless laptop in the library to connect to the campus network.

·       Check out the Wireless Strength Map at: http://www.sou.edu/library/ITC/wireless.html


4) Library Laptops

·       Hannon Library has 30 wireless laptops that connect you to the campus network.

·       Available to check out for two hours and renew for an additional two hours.

·       To checkout a laptop, go to the ITC Help Desk.


5) Hannon Library Web site

·       http://www.sou.edu/library

·       Resources available both on and off-campus to students, faculty, and staff

·       The ability to navigate through the resources on this page will help you complete your research more effectively and efficiently

·       Online Overview of the Hannon Library Web site:



6) Hannon Library Virtual Tour

·       http://www.sou.edu/library/tour/index.html

·       Designed to help familiarize you with the Hannon Library and the resources available for research and other activities related to learning the fundamentals of finding information.


7) Meeting and Study Rooms

·       Individual and group study rooms are available on the Second and Third Floors for collaborative study and research.

·       To reserve a room in advance: Click the link to Rooms at the top right of any Library Web page or go to: http://www.sou.edu/library/services/room_reservations.html

·       12 eight-persons rooms, 7 four-person rooms, and 2 two-person rooms are available.

·       For further assistance with a reservation, contact the ITC at 552-6848.


8) SOU Library Catalog

·       http://lib.sou.edu/screens/opacmenu.html

·       Find books and other materials - contains most of the cataloged books, government, publications, periodicals, computer files, and videos in the SOU Library.

·       Over 300,000 items; over 250,000 unique titles.

·       Generally books are not online or full text.

·       Typically underused in the digital world.

·       Checkout material for 3 weeks and renew as needed.


9) Summit Catalog

·       http://summit.orbiscascade.org/

·       Collective catalog of 34 libraries throughout the Northwest.

·       Over 27, 000,000 record; over 8, 500,000 unique titles.

·       Books!!! Summit is used to retrieve books from other institutions that are not available at the Hannon Library.

·       Materials are delivered to the SOU Circulation Desk or another Summit library such as OIT, in 2 business days.

·       Checkout material for 3 weeks with 1 renewal—total 6 weeks.

·       Free!!! There is no charge to have a Summit book delivered to the Hannon Library.

·       Click the Search Summit link from the SOU Catalog.

·       If it is not in the SOU Library, check the Summit Catalog.


10) Library of Congress Classification System

·       Books and other materials in the Hannon Library are organized by the Library of Congress (LC) Classification System.

o      A combination of letters and numbers indicating the location or “address” of an item

o      Most academic libraries use  Library of Congress call numbers



11) Book Collection

·       2nd Floor – Call Numbers A – H

·       3rd Floor – Call Numbers J – Z

·       1st Floor – Reference Books

·       Reference Books are for Library Use Only.


12) Your Account

·       http://lib.sou.edu/patroninfo/

·       Access your account information

·       Check the status of a Summit book

·       Renew materials online


13) Finding a Book from a Reference or Works Cited List

·       If the citation is a book:

Boehlert, E. (2006). Lapdogs: how the press rolled over for Bush. New York: Free Press.

·       Then go to the Library Web site, click the link to the SOU Library Catalog:

·       Search for the Title of the book

o      If the book is not in the SOU Library Catalog, click the link to Search Summit


14) Magazines and Journals

·       Library owns about 1200 periodical subscriptions in hard copy and over 10,000 full text titles available electronically.

·       2nd Floor

o      Recent year on display to the right when you enter from the main stairway.

o      Past issues are generally in bound volumes to the left when you enter from the main stairway.

·       Microfilm and microfiche collection

·       Periodical Help Desk located on the 2nd Floor for assistance.


15) Databases by Subject

·       http://www.sou.edu/library/databases/subject.html

·       Find magazine and journal articles in databases organized by discipline

·       University Seminar and Writing - http://www.sou.edu/library/databases/db.php?db=University%20Seminar%20and%20Writing

·       Everything is NOT available in full text!!!


16) Finding a Magazine or Journal Article from a Reference or Works Cited List

·       Use the List of Journals at SOU -- http://sfx5.exlibrisgroup.com/sou/a-z/default

·       To find out whether or not the SOU Library has a particular journal, magazine, or newspaper

·       If the citation is a journal article:

Glickman, C. (May 2006) Educational Leadership: Failure to Use Our Imagination.

Phi Delta Kappan, 87(9), 689-90.

·       Then go to the Library Web site, click the link to the List of Journals at SOU:

o      Search for the Title of the journal—(Note: the journal title is typically italicized)

o      If the full text is available online in any database, go to a link and find the article using date and the volume of the journal      


17) Interlibrary Loan for Magazine and Journal Articles

·       Provides articles from magazines and journals not available at the Hannon Library

·       Articles are typically delivered via email in 1-7 days

Students pay a flat fee of $2.00 per article


18) Instruction and Guides

·       http://www.sou.edu/library/instruct

·       Basic Guide to Research – a basic outline for finding materials to create a bibliography using books, magazine and journal articles, Internet sites, government documents, and other information.

·       Links to resources to help you with your research and information needs, how to use the library, how to cite information, and more.


19) Citing Print and Electronic Resources

·       http://www.sou.edu/library/reference/citing.html

·       List of sites that will help you cite information ethically using APA or other formats.

·       Check out the link to Citing Sources, Guide to Library Research (Duke University Libraries) - http://www.lib.duke.edu/libguide/cite/works_cited.htm

·       Knight Cite APA and Knight Cite MLA – formats citation.

·       Citation Machine - http://citationmachine.net/ - formats a citation in APA or MLA.


20) Government Publications

·       Library is a federal and state depository for government documents

·       Library receives approximately 37% of the documents produced by the federal government—includes the Department of Education publications.

·       Library receives all documents produced by the Oregon state government

·       Government publications are listed in the SOU Library Catalog

·       For Government Publications in other states, try Google Uncle Sam—make sure you search  “Government Sites”-- http://www.google.com/ig/usgov 

·       Most government publications CAN be checked out of the Library


21) Internet Searching Tools

·       http://www.sou.edu/library/searchtools/index.html

·       When you need to go beyond a quick Google search.

·       A ranked list of search tools based on the interface, versatility, and ease of use.

·       Check the How to Search the Internet links.

·       In the Best of the Rest, check out Google Uncle Sam for government Web sites.

·       #1 Web searching tip: Read the Help menu on your favorite search tool.


22) Off-Campus Database Access

·       http://www.sou.edu/library/databases/off_campus.html - overview of off-campus access

·       All of the links to databases within the Hannon Library Web site are available on or off-campus to current students, faculty, and staff

·       Help for problems or troubleshooting  with off-campus access –

·       http://www.sou.edu/library/databases/troubleshooting.html


23) Library Coffee Shop

·       Located next to the entrance of the First Floor of the Library

·       Serves a wide range of beverages—with and without caffeine

·       Snacks and light meals are available

·       Beverages are allowed in the Library if they have a lid—no uncovered containers

·       Food is only allowed on the Library Terrace


24) Library 2.0 – The Experimental Library

·        Ask a Librarian – 24/7 Reference assistance - http://www.sou.edu/library/ask/index.html

·        Hannon Library on MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/hannonlibrary

·       Hannon Library on Facebookhttp://sou.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2202862300

·       Hannon Library Podcasts - http://hannonlibrary.libsyn.com

·       Hannon Library Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/hannonlibrary


25) Ask Questions!!!

·       When you are not sure where to start or if you need something more, please ask.

·       Ask a Librarian—24/7 reference assistance: http://www.sou.edu/library/ask/index.html

·       It is not what you know that counts.

·       Discover what you may not know.

·       Challenge yourself to uncover something new.

·       Check with Dale! Email: vidmar@sou.edu or Phone: 552-6842