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I was born in Cleveland, Ohio back in the days when Willie Mays caught Vic Wertz's drive to center during the 1954 World Series. Actually, I missed the game due to technical difficulties. I was still inside my mother and had not entered the the real world as yet. But I am sure, I could hear the game because I became a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Indians.

I am a resident of Ashland, Oregon.
Ashland is nestled in the Rogue Valley and surrounded by the Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon. See where Ashland is located in the State of Oregon.
What I really like about living in Ashland is being able to walk to just about anywhere
and the sense of community in southern Oregon.
Take a look at a Map of Ashland, Oregon for a more detailed look at the town.
Here are the current weather conditions.
Ashland is also home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival
and close to one of my favorite places to hear music on a summer night
--the Britt Festival.

When the snow begins to advance down Grizzly Peak,
it's time to head for the hills for some skiing.
Personally, I prefer a moonlight X-country run over Buck Prairie, up Shale City Road, or around the back of Mt. Ashland.
But if you prefer downhill, there's the Mt. Ashland Ski Area.
If it's powder you are looking for,
check current conditions on the mountain at the Daily Ski Report.

If you are visiting Southern Oregon, take a ride up to
Crater Lake National Park.

If you are not in Oregon and are in the Southwest,

visit a few of my favorite places:

* * * * * * * * * *

This was my dog "U"

Picture of "U" the Samoyed

Although she is no longer with me, "U" will remain in my thoughts and heart always. She was an inspiration to be happy and carry a smile. She was a member of the working breed known as Samoyed. However, a big day for "U" was waking up, fetching the morning newspaper, eating bones and goodies, and taking humans for long walks or runs. Swimming, skiing, and canoeing were some of her favorite sports when she was not sleeping in the bathroom--she loved the sound of running water. Unfortunately, U is gone now, but her memory lives on as does her Samoyed smile.

Enough about the best dog in the world.
Back to me, although I would rather talk about "U."
My interest in Library Science and, in particular, Reference and Library Instruction
had its humble beginnings at
Southern Oregon University and the Southern Oregon University Library
where I served as a Graduate Assistant while completing a Master's Degree in
General Studies/Humanities concentrating on Education and English.
I received my Master's in Library and Information Science from
Kent State University.

Currently, I am the Instruction Librarian
at Southern Oregon University.

Just Another Day at Reference!!!

For more information about my professional experience and aspirations,
please feel free to look at my Resume.

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